Tree Pruning

Pruning is the most common and effective method of maintaining a healthy, beautiful and safe tree. The removal of dead, dying, diseased, decayed, weak, or overgrown branches can greatly enhance a tree’s health and structure, especially if a pruning program is started when the tree is young. Training the tree in this fashion will make it more resistant to insect/disease infestation and storm damage. If maintained properly, excessive pruning and costly removals will be less likely in the future.


The 5 main reasons to prune are for safety, health, structure, appearance and function (improve a view, encourage sunlight and air penetration, retain shade). Let our ISA/NAA Certified Arborists assist in deciding the best route for you and your property.

Our arborists prune and shape trees/shrubs with safety, long-term health and aesthetic considerations in mind. We prune to emphasize a tree’s natural shape. All of our work is performed in accordance with the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) A300 Tree Pruning Standards.

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