Keeping Trees Safe During Construction: Easy Tips for Homeowners

Hey Neighbors!

Building or renovating our homes is exciting, but did you know our tree friends could get hurt during construction? Let’s learn how we can keep our trees safe and healthy when there’s construction happening.

1. Get to Know Your Tree’s Space

Trees have a special area called the ‘critical root zone.’ It’s like their personal space underground where their roots grow. Make sure construction doesn’t disturb this area.

2. Bring in a Tree Expert

Before starting your project, talk to an arborist (a tree doctor). They can help figure out how to keep your trees safe during construction.

3. Protect the Roots

Construction can squash a tree’s roots under heavy machines. Protect the roots by keeping heavy stuff away from the tree’s root zone.

4. Watch Out for the Trunk and Branches

Trees can get hurt if their trunks or branches are hit by machines. Set up barriers around your trees to keep them safe.

5. Keep the Soil Safe

When soil gets packed down by heavy machines, it’s hard for tree roots to get air and water. Try to keep construction traffic away from the tree’s root zone.

6. Don’t Change the Ground Level

Adding or removing soil around your tree can hurt its roots. Keep the ground level the same near your trees.

7. After Construction Care

Even with care, trees can get stressed during construction. Give them extra love by watering and checking their health after the work is done.


Our trees make our homes and neighborhoods beautiful. When we’re building or fixing our homes, let’s remember to protect our leafy friends. With a little planning and care, we can keep our trees happy and healthy!

Happy Building and Tree Caring! 🌳🏡💚

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